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with a Virtual Assistant.

Some tasks shouldn’t be done by yourself. Kuubiik’s Virtual Assistant can take care of these tasks for you:

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Some of the world's best companies are already using Virtual Assistants.

Some of the most advanced companies are using VAs to do they small tasks. They often refer to virtual assistants as modern employees.

Virtual Assistant in Singapore - Kuubiik - From only $299/mo

In a year, employees spend 69 days on admin work
instead of spending it on their primary job duties.
That's about
of non productive work
Save time & money.

Every year, Singapore companies lose about $25,872 per employee, due to lack of productivity.

  • Singapore office workers only spend 60 percent (vs. global average of 72 percent) of their time on primary duties
  • They spend 380 hours a year (equivalent to 47.5 work days or two months of the working year) completing administrative or repetitive tasks
  • The loss of productivity is costing the Singapore service industry more than S$36.5bn annually.

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Virtual Assistant in Singapore - Kuubiik - From only $299/mo